Summer Activities


White Water Rafting  click here for more information!!
The most popular tours are the rafting tours. Sorachi River provides a perfect location for fun and exciting rafting. Any one from 6 years up can experience the thrill of rafting from April 25th to the end of October.
The snowmelt in Spring provides rushing water and some good rapids.
The summer season is beautiful with the clear water and abundant nature. All season you can use our dry suits although in summer you may like to just wear a wet suit.
This is a 3-hour tour, with a 50 minute drive both to and from the river.
Rafting Season : April 25th - October
Time 9:30-12:30 13:30-17:00
Price adults ¥6.500 child ¥4.300


Family Rafting  click here for more information!!
Only 20minutes from Alpine Adventure Center, the bottom section of the Sorachi River provides families a great chance to raft on a wide flowing river under a big sky.
Family Rafting Season : April 25th - October
Time 13:30-17:00
Price adults ¥5.400 child ¥3.250

Inflatable kayak

Kisd Rafting
 click here for more information!!
Best choice for first river trip for a family with the small child and the elderly. It is possible to participate from 3 years old child. All your family must be enjoy the boat trip and nature on Sorachi river which flows into Furano-city . A tour course are also rather gently and very close to Alpine visitor center, so that you can take a shower soon after river trip. Japaniese well experience guide invite you to river the trip.
Kids Raft Season : April 25th - October
Time 9:30-11:30
Price Child ¥2,700 Adult ¥4,350

Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayak/Ducky click here for more information!!
This tour allows you & a friend or just you to by yourself control the boat as you paddle down the river.Guides are close on hand to offer assistance but after a little guidance from our experienced professionals, you'll love controlling your boat down the river.
Ducky Season : April 25th - October
Time 13:30-17:00
Price ¥7,600

Hot Air Ballon
Hot Air Balloon
Experience a small flight in an anchored balloon. From the ski area we fly to 50 meters and allow you to enjoy the view. The experience of taking off and floating above the ski hill looking over Furano is something quite beautiful.
Balloon Season : April 25th - October 10th
Time 6:00-7:20
Price adults ¥2.500 12 & younger ¥2,000

How to get to the launch site



Fishing  click here for more information!!
For first timers & experienced fisherman alike, this tour takes in the most of Furano's nature & allows you to have a great go at catching some fish. We have a BBQ going right there next to the river, so when you reel in your fish you can cook it up there and then.
Fishing Season : April 25th - October
Time 9:30-13:30
Price ¥6.500

Nature Trekking
Nature Trekking
This is a full one day tour which allows you to really get into the heart of the surrounding nature.It's a testament to this tour that many people come back again and again. We provide a lunch box but please bring your own water bottle. Depending on your ability and desires, together we can choose an area and course that is perfect for you.
Trekking Season : April 25th - October
Time 9:30-16:30
Price ¥12.000

Horse Trekking
Horse Trekking
We have many different tours and plan for you to choose from.
We are sure you'll enjoy riding the beautiful horses.
Horse Trekking Season : April 25th - October
Time 8:00-17:00
Price Lesson ¥5.000/ 1hour Trekking ¥10,000/ 2hour Trekking ¥20,000


Night watching
Night watching
Depending on the weather, we will select the best place to view beautiful stars and constellations. We often stumble across some of Furano's wildlife on this tour.
Night Watching Season : July - August
Time 19:00-22:00
Price adults ¥3.250 12 & younger ¥2.320

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