How to get to Hot Air Baloon launch site

Picnic garden at New Prince Hotel

"Picnic Garden at New Prince Hotel.
In the case of coming by car, please head for New Prince Hotel first.
New Prince Hotel is the largest hotel in Furano. So it is quite easy to accesss.

When you use the car navigation system,map code below.

Map code : 919 552 448

You can park just in front of Ninguru terrace. It is beside New Prince Hotel.
You don't have to go to the front gate at the Hotel .Please head for Ski field, then you will see the entrance
on your right.

Entrance for picnic garden
Entrance is just opossite of bakely shop.

5minute's walk
It takes five minutes to get to the launch site.Please follow the sign borad.( It is quite small though.
Sorry about it.)

If you have any question, feel free to contact us please !!

Alpine Visiter Centre "0167-22-1311"

Thank you.