[night snow shoeing and hotspring]
Why not try to walk through wild winter forest at night?
You would be fascinated by heaps of star and the sounds of natural. Just lie on the powderd snow, look at clear sky and star, then closed your eyes to feel nature sounds. It is awesome. This is really presure time to bath in natural hot spring after the tour.
period middle of December to end of March
time 18:00〜22:00 ( changeable depends on weather )
price4,300 yen ( included admission for hot spring, snowshoe gear )
requirement minimum 2 participants is required & 6 years older is required
Model plan
PM18:00 Meeting at Alpine visiter center or your hotel

PM19:00 Arrived at Fukiage onsen. and starting for snowshoeing through the forest.

PM19:45 After snowshoeing, Let's take a hot spring to get warm. It really fantastic time.

PM20:45 It is time to go back to Furano.

PM21:45 Arrived at Alpine visitor center. Thank you for joining our tour.