Family Rafting

Down river rafting on "Sorachi river"near by Furano city,
It is rather mild than the upper stream rafting and very suitable for family guest with small children.

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Family Rafting

Period  @April@-@October
@ Time   pm13:30@-@pm17:00

Meeting place  :Alpine Visitor Center
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At least 2 people needs for the rafting tour.
"from the 4 years old and over child."
Please book in advance.



Price@child3,800yen  Adult5,400yen  include tax

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Please see more pictures for Family Rafting.

Memory for your trip... How about pictures for rafting tour ?
We can make CD-R for the pictures of rafting tour. It would be good memory for you.

It cost 2,000 yen for all the pictures.

Question and Answer.

Where is the family rafting fieldH
The middle section of the "Sorachi river"is our field. Just 20 minutes drive distance from visitor center.
It start from "shimo-kanayama village"and about 8km down to Furano.
You can get good scene of Mt,Ashibetu.
The forest surrounding river would make your feeling peaceful.
It sometime have exciting wave as well.
So it is very suitable for family and enjoy swimming for children.
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Is it possible to do rafting when it is rain ?
Rafting and Family rafting and duckey goes on when it is even rain. You wear dry suit or wet suit. When you are downrivering, you would get wet. In the case of Pouring rain or thunder, the tour would be canceled.
What is the availability age ?
family Basically from 4 years to 65 years old. But the person who is over 65years might be participated in the tour depends on his health.
What is the suitable wear for family rafting ?
Heat-retaining wear and easy to move staff like a T-shirt or short pants, long sleeve etc. is suitable for dry suit. For wet suit, you get wet under wet suit, so wear something like swimming wear.

" We have shower room and bath facility available after Family Rafting tour in Alpine Visitor Center."
Is dry suit water proof ?
It is not perfect water proof actually. if you swim in the river, fall out of the boat, and so on ,you might be get wet.
What is included in the charge ?
Dry suit or wet suit, river shoes, helmet, life jacket,basically you don't have to bring anything except clothes when you do rafting. family
How about the insurance ?
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We value the safety most. We are doing downriver in narural situation. so just in case, the guest needs insurance.
iThe insurance is included in the charge.Please check the content of amends below.j

*Domestic travel casuality insurance.
Death,sequelae injury : 1,000,000 yen
Hospitalization insurance day amount : 5,000 yen
Going to hospital day amount : 2,000 yen

*Public liability policy insurance
100,000,000 yen(1 person)
500,000,000 yen(1 accident)

If you have any question about the safty management and insurance, feel free to contact us please.

AED carrying, MFA,Rescue-3 holder guide
Is free pick up service available?
family It is possible to pick you up from some accommodation around Furano zone or Furano JR station.
Please tell us your accommodation when you have reservation if you need free pick up service.
Can I take my camera in the river ?
We are sorry, you cannot. But we can take some pictures for you. After the rafting tour, We can make DVD on the spot.( It cost 2,000 yen )

Memory photo service

Our cameraman will go with you and taking a good photos during the rafting tours.

DVD@2,000 YEN

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