Fishing and BBQ

Let's fishing in mountain stream near Furano.

Time goes really slowly surrounded by the forest, you can feel the nature.
In the lunch time, We have BBQ wirh Furano made vegetable and fish which we might catch in fishing...hopelly.



Holding period : June to Octorber
Holding time : 9:30`13:00

Meeting point : Alpine Visitor Centre

More than 2 people needed for arranged tour.
Please book in advance.
In the case of heavy rain, the tour would be canceled.

price@ Adult \6.500 child \4,300 (included lunch and tax)

30days album

Please see more pictures for fishing and BBQ


Is it possible to just visit and have lunch without doing fishing ?
It is possible. But it's limited for kids under 3 year old.
It cost free.
Does fishing tour goes on when it is raining ?
When it doesn't rain so hard , the tour would be going on. In the case of heavy rain, water becomes inpure, the tour would be canceled.
What kinds of fish we can catch ?

Japanese char

rainbow traut
Mainly we could get rainbow traut.
We have never tried fishig before. Can we get fish ?
Actually we are not sure about it. We try fishing in nature, so it depends on it's situation. But once you get to know how to do fishing, even beginer could get fish. In Hokkaido region , water temperature does't become high even in summer, it means that it is good chance for fishing. Not only Fishing, We want you to hava a good time in slow natural Hokkaido area.
We are worried about bait. We might not touch it.

Basically our tour is bait fishing. We use ikura ( it is imitation for fish egg.) for fishing.
Most people can touch it. Don't worry about it.

Can I take my own lod ?
Yes. you can take it with you. Lure, Fly, etc. Some place difficult to use those staff depends on the fishing place.
Where can we do fishing ?
There is good moutain stream near Furano. Deep nature, slow time, really good situation even just being there.
What type of clothes and shoes we should get ready ?

There is a possibility of getting stung by moskito, and temparture is easy to change, please wear someting like long sleeve, long trousers, so you can adjust own temperature.
What is a BBQ menuH

After a fishing, you have a BBQ lunch time in a shade with a mosquito net so even the inside in a forest you don't need worry about a bug, and you can enjoy BBQ surely.
It's the barbecue which used vegetables and meat from Furano local. Moreover, "Fresh trout" that was you fished just before must be main dish.
Do you give us a rift for free of charge ?
We will pick you up at accomodation in Furano area or JR Furano station. Please have brekfast before fishing.

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